Thursday, May 10, 2012

{vintage desk chair make-over--BEFORE}

Get ready for a picture-filled post!

Here's my desk chair situation:

{ignore my messy desk!}
A plastic chair. Yes, it does it's job...but it's such an eye sore! I wanted something more feminine & more along the style of my room.

Since work doesn't start for another two weeks, I've decided I'm going to fill my days with crafts & art projects. I figured a new desk chair was the perfect place to start. sister & I headed over to a thrift store this weekend to check out their selection. The first thing I spotted in the store was this:

A vintage swivel chair--on wheels! And for $30? SOLD. {It's pretty much in perfect condition except for a little chip; you can barely notice it though!}

After loading it up in the car & bringing it home, I now had to think of what color to paint it. My room's vibe is summed up in this picture:

I thought about going really bold & painting it a pretty teal/aqua color or yellow; I wanted something that would pop against the white desk. But in the end, I decided to go with one of these shades:

Drumroll please....

"Shy Violet" was the winner!

Our next stop was Home Depot {love that place} to get some brushes, a plastic floor covering, sandpaper, & the paint itself. Once we got home, we got right to work.

After cleaning the chair with a wet paper towel, {it seems this little gem had been in the store for a was so dusty!} we lightly sanded it all down.

Next step: PAINT!

I would love to show some "after" pics, but since it's so darn humid here, it's taking a bit longer to dry than I expected. I'll be sure to post them in a few days!

Click for the AFTER pics!

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