Monday, May 21, 2012

{my internship}

Happy Monday all!

Today is the first day of my internship!  I'm working in the marketing department of a pharmaceutical company. More specifically, consumer marketing for a certain drug. {I can't name it here.}  Plus/minus a few details, I worked in the same position last summer, so I know what I'm walking in to.  The people are really nice, the atmosphere is great to work in, & I know I will learn SO much. Pharma advertising isn't my top choice when I think of my "dream job," but it's a really strong industry that isn't going anywhere, so I know this job is extremely beneficial. :)

Even with all that said, I'm still a little nervous! Today will be filling out paperwork, etc, so my first day is really tomorrow. But I'm looking forward to meeting all my fellow interns!

Have any "first day" tips? Send 'em my way!

I'll recap my weekend tomorrow :)

Have a lively Monday!

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