Friday, May 4, 2012

{fashion friday/etc}

Mixing it up a little today--today I will be telling you about two fashion faux-pas I committed yesterday ;)

Yesterday morning started off EARLY. My dog woke me up by barking bright & early at 7:00am. I changed into workout clothes & stumbled downstairs to let him outside. I was in great need of coffee, so I opened the fridge to take out the milk.

There was none. 

Therefore, no coffee.

I'm telling you this, because as my sister & I were walking OUT of the gym after our workout, this happened:

       Sister: "Uh, Liv?"

       Me: "Yes?"

       Sister: "You know your shirt is on inside out, right?"

       Me: {stopping in my tracks} "No. No I did not."

So as I was running on the treadmill & racing on the elliptical, everyone behind me had front row sets to what happens when Olivia doesn't have coffee.


After racing home & showering, my sister & I headed over to our neighbor's to watch their little boy. {It was obviously a one-person job, but we had nothing else to we double-teamed it.} As we walked him around the block in his stroller, my shoes gave me a blister on my heel. Annoying! So after placing a bandage on it, I changed my shoes. I threw on socks & these boating shoes that looked comfy. {Yes...boating shoes. And no...I don't "boat" or sail.}

OMG you guys. When I looked down at my feet a couple hours later, I looked like an old person. See:

Don't ask me why my shoes are so dirty...because I don't have an answer for you. I haven't worn them in a year, & I can't remember what I was doing when I wore them last.

So yestrerday wasn't my best fashion day, but the rest of my week was okay. Here's two outfits:

{notice the red jeans!}

Also...see behind me in that first picture? An EMPTY DORM ROOM :)

And to end the post, a picture I took today. 

I'm headed to the beach today for a few days :) If I don't post this weekend, I'll do a weekend recap on Monday.

Happy Friday friends!

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