Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{wishful wednesday}

First things first: I have seven days left of the semester. Holy. Moly. Guacamole.

Now onto my wishes...

1. Arrow Necklace. 
I would wear this all the time! And not just because I'm a Hunger Games fan :)
Simple, but cute.

2. Floral bathing suit.
One pieces are coming back, girls. This suit looks like a painting! Love the print, hate the price.

3. Kelly Moore Camera Bag
OMG. I need this bag. The Libby Bag. Like, now.
It can even fit my 15inch laptop, with room for lenses & wallet to spare :)

4. A manicure & pedicure. 
I will spare you pictures of my hands & feet :)

{pale blue is my favorite toe color in the summer}

What's on your wish list? 
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