Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{sisterly love}

Yesterday, my sister proved, yet again, how much she rocks. Twice.

She called, & before I could even open my mouth & say hello, she asked, "Liv? What are you doing?"

Me: "Watching tv...why?"

Sister: (sighing in relief) "Oh, okay. Good." She paused for a beat. "It's just...I saw that your college just called the house, but I didn't answer in time. They didn't leave a message, and I worried...Just wanted to make sure you're okay."

Me: "Well, actually....I'm watching tv in my hospital room, so..."


Sister: "No you're not. That's not funny." Then she hung up ;)

Still...she called.

After I wrote yesterday's post, I cried.

Sobbed, actually. Big, heaving sobs. The kind that made me use paper towels--not tissues--to soak up the tears. And the kind that made me laugh when I looked in the mirror...because my eyes were puffy & red & I looked so ridiculous I couldn't help but laugh.

And then I called my sister & hiccuped my way through explaining why I was crying.

Here's when you know you have a good sister:

I texted her: you awake?
Sister: going to bed.
Me: can i call?

I didn't wait for her response, but instead just hit her speed dial. She answered & immediately sensed the tears. "What's wrong?" she asked in slight panic. "Why are you crying?"

I explained & she listened. At 12:13 in the morning, seconds from going to sleep, she listened to me cry happy tears about being okay with celiac. She didn't tell me I was crazy, or weird, or make me feel embarrassed. She has celiac too, so she gets it. But even if she didn't have celiac, she'd get it.

And that's what makes her the best.

Wishful Wednesday will be up in a bit :)

{and after these last two posts, I'm putting sappy Liv back in the drawer for a while. you're welcome.}

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  1. That picture is incredibly sweet as is that story about your relationship with your sister :)