Saturday, April 28, 2012

{get ready for some recipes!}

Hi there!

Before I get to the point of this post--remember how I said I ran for the first time in months the other night?


{and I never say y'all}

I am SO sore!  I literally screamed when I got out of bed yesterday morning & limped like a wimp all day. Just proves how really out of shape I am ;)  I'm still sore today.

Moving on...

So for my final graphic design project this year, I had to design my own cookbook! Can you guess what I chose? ;)

I attended a gluten-free baking class back in January & it was so much fun!  I made a date with myself & hopped over to Cambridge for the day. I didn't know how many people had signed up; I was a little afraid I'd be the only one! :) Fortunately about ten people came, all with their own gluten-free story. Some were there because their kids have Celiac, some were there because a friend has Celiac, and some were there because they have Celiac. It was a great mix of people!

Once we arrived, we all got a packet of seven recipes that we would be baking during the class. We all split off into pairs & got to work!  The recipes in my cookbook are from the class :)

Here's where the good part comes in: I will be posting the recipes here! I've baked & tested them all, so I promise they're all great! So without further ado...let me introduce:

I'll post the first recipe on Monday!

Have a lively weekend!

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