Friday, April 27, 2012

{fashion friday}

Like last Friday, I'm going to tell you about another new buy of mine that I am obsessed with :)

Colored jeans are ALL the rage these days. I think they are so fun! I've seen purple, blue, teal, yellow, red, green. I love every color.

Before I walked into Gap last weekend, I promised myself NOT to buy anything. Because I really don't need any more clothes. But then I saw the colored jeans rack & I got grabby hands. I needed them.

I've been searching for red jeans for a while now, so I went straight for them. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size, but I did try on the yellow. I almost bought them, but my sister said I would blind people, so...I left the store empty-handed ;)

But since I knew the pants fit me...I took my colored-jean-grabby-hands & bought myself a pair online.

I'm seriously in love with them. They're much softer than the normal jean material...almost like leggings. So not only are they super comfy, but they're so so stylin' ;)

FYI...this isn't sponsored & I'm not being paid to say this. Just sharing the love :)

You can buy them here:

Here's two outfits from my week...
{outfit one: vest from anne taylor, shirt from j.crew, jeans from nordstrom, ralph lauren boots}
{outfit two: shirt i stole from my sister :) maybe H&M? skirt from gap, shoes from target}
And lastly...look what I did last night!
I RAN. I embarrassed myself--since I'm so out of shape--but I did it.

My sister & I were hired to sing at a wedding in Jamaica in a few weeks, so we've decided that this is the perfect reason to kick our you-know-whats in gear. We need to some bikini-ready bodies for the beach! 

Happy Friday! 

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