Monday, April 23, 2012

{exciting news!}

On Friday, I officially signed my first apartment lease!  I John-Hancocked & initialed about fifty pages, but it was well worth it :)

I signed a 12-month lease, but since I'll be spending my last semester of college in Los Angeles, I'll only be in this place for seven months.  {A friend is subletting from me for the spring semester, & I'll have it back for summer.}  I walked through it last week & I am SO excited to start thinking about how I'll decorate it. It's on an adorable brick-lined street, in a very safe neighborhood downtown, & walkable to both school & my go-to gluten-free grocery store. In short: perfect.

We're on the ground level--so from the sidewalk, we walk down three steps--and my apartment number is a half!  I've never seen that before, but my address is 381/2. I thought that was totally cute :)

The best part about it?  In the backyard, there is a little fenced-in brick patio!  I'm giddy over the fact that I'll be able to eat & read outside on warm nights. I'm already thinking about stringing bulbed-lights on the fence.

I'll probably get my furniture from IKEA...simply because they're stuff is good quality, affordable, &...IKEA rocks :)  I move in September 1st.

I've only met my roommate once...she posted on our college's online tackboard that she needed a roommate, & I jumped for it. {All of my close friends are seniors & graduating, so I unfortunately can't live with them.} But she seems super nice. We both look at the apartment as a place to go home & relax in; aka...not the party house.  I think it'll work out great!

I'm just thrilled to be out of DORMS!!

Have a lively Monday!

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