Monday, November 14, 2011


On Saturday morning my mom, stepdad, & I drove up to Maine for the day. The first thing I noticed, as an advertising student, was how...not creative Mainers are with business names? I saw a "Mainely Hearing Aids," "Mainely Wraps," & "Mainely Donuts." E for Effort, Maine ;)

Before I start....only at a Maine rest stop would have this:

I, naturally, took a picture of it. I ended up carrying my camera inside & was able to get a body shot of my new jacket. Came in handy on this chilly day.

{people weren't exactly thrilled with me having a camera in the bathroom. can't imagine why.}

The weather was gorgeous but cold, so we were happy to sightsee within the warmth of the car for a bit. We stayed on the coast the whole day & it was so nice seeing the ocean!

{these people weren't kidding around}

We saw a pathway to the beach, so we parked the car & made the short walk down.

That was probably the coldest part of the day. It was around 40 degrees! After quickly stopping to take a pic of one of the two lighthouses, we were on our way to Portland!

{one of the many cute streets in Portland}

{endless olive oil & vinegar options!}

Only in Portland would you see this guy:

I'm sure he didn't appreciate me stopping in the middle of the street to take a picture of him. He was nice enough to wave though. {Although now that I think about it, he could very well be giving me the finger under his claw.} Ha!

This was our view at lunch:

And walking around after:

{stepdad, mom, & me}

And because it's my new favorite pic, my mom & I:

{we didn't plan on matching. that always happens though.}

After walking around for a few hours, we drove back to my aunt & uncle's. We all went out to dinner {sans kiddos} to a quaint little restaurant in town. As we were waiting for our table, we ended up briefly chatting with a couple & quickly realized it was Tiki Barber & his fiancèe. So crazy running into him there, as this is such a tiny town. {And funny enough, I've met him before at a Knicks game.}

But if you don't know the story behind Tiki & his new love, do a quick Google search; it was quite a scandal. There aren't many photos of them together, so we spent the night joking around with our camera phones "pretending" to take pics of each other, while really aiming at them. Interested TMZ?

The next morning we hung around with this dart-eating, foul-mouthed, crazy girl....

.....before I headed back to the city. It was such a relaxing, fun weekend. It was so nice seeing my mom & stepdad. Thanksgiving break cannot come soon enough!

**Disclaimer just in case: We actually didn't get any photos of Tiki. We did get a photo of the guy-who-was-standing-next-to-Tiki's back though! :)

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