Friday, November 11, 2011

{let's talk about makeup!}

A few things to know about me & makeup:

1.) I like wearing it...but not a lot of it. Most days, I'm going to class, & although it's nothing incredibly important, I want to at least look presentable. No matter how late I'm running or how tired I am, I still make the effort. {I'm the type of girl who'll never show up to class in sweatpants.}

2.) Since getting diagnosed with Celiac, I've come to learn that gluten hides in everything--including makeup. Therefore, I have to be very careful about what products I buy & use. Thankfully my favorite brands are okay :)

3.) Most days, I use a little bit of moisturizer {morning/night}, blush & mascara.

Click on each picture to be brought to their website :)

1. Moisturizer

Northeast winters are cold, cold, & cold. Which means my skin gets dry, dry, & dry. So for a moisturizer, I use LancĂ´me's Bienfait Multi-Vital. It hydrates my skin like crazy & bonus! It has SPF 30. Even if it's not really sunny out, it's still important to protect your skin. I buy this at Neiman Marcus.

2. Cover-up/Concealer

I love love love Laura Mercier; it's my brand of choice. It's always light & let's my skin breathe. Not to mention, it looks good. For spot concealer, I use Secret Concealer:

There are different levels/numbers for different shades. You can use a tiny brush to apply, but most days I use my finger :) Sanitary, I know.

I rarely use this, but for larger areas of my face, I use this tinted moisturizer:

It evens my skin tone while keeping it hydrated {& protected--SPF!}. I hate when concealor makes me feel painted {i.e. character makeup}, but I barely feel this when I'm wearing it! I buy each at Nordstrom.

3. Blush

I think blush can transform someone's face. If I haven't gotten a good night's sleep, or I'm just not looking my best, I dab on some blush and Voila! I look a little more...lively :) I swear by this Laura Mercier Mocha Spice Quad Powder. It has 4 different colors in one, so you're definitely getting the bang for your buck. I mainly use the top two colors: the rose blush & bronzer. I mix them both together and it makes a rosy mocha color. {& if I need a bit more pink, I dab on a separate rose blush.} I buy this at Nordstrom.

4. Mascara

I've been using Blinc Mascara for years now. Sure, there are cheaper brands at drug stores {which I happily use & buy!}, but my favorite brand is Blinc. Why? Well because it doesn't clump, it elongates my lashes, it stays on all day, & most importantly...comes off easily. It's worth visiting the website to see their recipe, but the mascara basically goes on in tubes around your lashes, & with a warm compress, slides off. But don't worry: it's cry-proof :) Available at Sephora.

{Apply a warm, wet tissue & the mascara comes right off}

So those are my most-used, favorite products. Tell me...what are yours?

**Disclaimer: I was not paid by any of these companies. I'm simply sharing the love!

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