Sunday, November 20, 2011


I've had such a low-key weekend. I saw Like Crazy with a few girlfriends on Friday night; like I said last post, go see it! Annoyingly, I couldn't fall asleep that night until 5 AM (!!!!) so I wrote a bunch & called my sister. That's the upside to not being able to sleep; it's lunchtime where D is! :)

After meeting with a group for a project, I went to the movies & hung around. I was exhausted from the lack of sleep, so I was fine with laying low. I just bundled up {no heat}, watched another movie {no Internet}, & wrote some more.

My Sunday is pretty much the same. Still no Internet, but the heat is back on! :)

My day in pictures:

Still in pjs:

Staring at the two posters that have fallen {August & September}:

Staring at the Ethernet mess on my floor {no luck!}:

And watching Friends :)

Notice all the coasters I've made? :)

Happy Sunday!!

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