Friday, January 29, 2010

{random notes.}

I will soon do a post solely on the topic of eating gluten-free in college because, believe me, it'll be a long one. But since returning for my second semester, I have started a few habits worth writing about.

For one, I have started keeping a food journal. The main reason is just in case I have my "Celiac" pain, I can look back and try to figure out what caused it. There are many additional benefits, however. This lets me physically see what I have eaten. I wouldn't say I'm an emotional eater, but if I have a bad or lazy day, I eat more. The journal has made me very conscientious of what I put in my mouth.

Secondly, I have stopped drinking soda. I have not had one sip in two weeks, and let me tell you- it makes a huge difference. I feel healthier and most significantly, my skin looks amazing. I have had my battles with my skin over the years, and I cannot believe what the absence of soda has done. In place of soda, I have added more water...the best thing I can drink!

And finally, I have added much more fruit and vegetables. I have a least one banana a day, eat berries all the time, and eat melons to mix it up. Although the berries are a bit pricey (thanks a bunch Who.le Fo.ods!), the fruit fills me up and decreases my craving for junk food. Because I have added so much fruit, I have not eaten one bag of chips in two weeks! Mom, you should be proud...I finally listened.

Overall, I feel much healthier. My body is a normal, healthy weight and I look so much better. I feel good about myself. If only I could get on a treadmill!

More to come...

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